In the ONLINE.UK Website Control Panel, there is also an assortment of Advanced Tools. They’re created for cloud hosting clients who are familiar with maintaining their web hosting environment. However, on account of the easy to use interface of the Website Control Panel, they are rather simple to work with, even for first–timers. In addition, we’ve included an array of in–depth how–to courses to help first–time clients immediately learn how to work with the software tools!

Hotlink Protection

Protect yourself from bandwidth cyber–theft

Whenever you come up with original content material there will always be somebody that will attempt to make use of devoid of your permission. It can be applied both to text as well as images. And here, the Hotlink Protection tool integrated into ONLINE.UK’s Website Control Panel will truly help you. With just a mouse–click, you will defend all pics on your website by stopping other websites from connecting to them.

This way, not only will you prevent other people from using your images, but you’ll also ensure you adhere to your monthly data traffic limitation.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated creation of .htaccess files

At ONLINE.UK, you’ve got access to the .htaccess file of your website, and so you could make as many modifications as you would like. Adding just a couple of lines to the settings file, you’re able to direct your site to an alternative website url, or establish password defense for a selected directory, and many more.

Using the impressive .htaccess Generator in the Website Control Panel, you no longer need to have any knowledge about .htaccess files whatsoever. Just show the tool what you want to accomplish as well as for exactly which site, and after that click on the Save button. ONLINE.UK’s clever program will create the .htaccess file suitable for you within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malicious IPs from your web site

For those who have a well–ranked website, at some point you become a target to spammers and malicious visitors. You’re able to protect your websites from this sort of behavior by using the IP blocking tool built into ONLINE.UK’s Website Control Panel. The tool will assist you to effectively stop an IP address or possibly a whole range of IP addresses with a click of the mouse.

In addition to our complete web stats and the GeoIP redirection tools, this IP Blocking tool will allow you to proficiently deal with the entry to your site.

IP Blocking