Using the Mail Account Manager, provided inside the Hepsia Website Control Panel it’s possible to efficiently and quickly handle all your mailboxes, no matter the number of websites you’ve got. You can quickly sort email accounts, switch on anti–spam, create email forwarding with merely a click and make filters for use on your e–mail accounts. Thanks to our auto–configure scripts, it will be easy to effortlessly configure your mail client to operate with just about any e–mail account of yours. And the latter is just a little part of what the Mail Account Manager may help you with.

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam is going to be driven out of your respective email accounts

We have created a customizable anti–spam solution making use of well set up methods to filter the incoming messages. Depending on what kind of spam messages you have, you can regulate the degree of protection. Still, be careful with the high level of defense, since it is likely to filter out valuable messages. You can also define a special level of spam protection for every single mailbox you have.

All of the junk e–mail messages could be either removed or forwarded to a certain mailbox. It’s possible to select which action you want from the anti–spam protection tool’s interface.

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Email Forwarding

Redirect emails with just a click

Email forwarding is probably the more applied tools in the Mail Account Manager that’s why we have done our very best to really make it as simple as possible. All that you should complete is select the email that you would like to use and state the mail where you want the incoming messages to get forwarded to.

Additionally, you can select if the forwarded mailbox should also store the e–mails, or, if, perhaps they have to be erased once being forwarded.

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Email Filters

Generate custom–made spam filters without any problem

Email filters certainly are a tool you can easily employ. They operate in a quite simple way according to keyword phrases. What you need to execute is indicate the key terms that you want the filter to work with and exactly which area of the mailbox these keywords have to be located in including subject line, message body, footer, etcetera.

One way you can use email filters will be to divert all of the unsolicited mail messages towards a particular folder. Then you can additionally specify if you’d like the filtered messages to be stored in the directory (which enables you to check if some message is delivered there by mistake), or to be removed.

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